For start-up businesses, looking to introduce their business brand products and services to the world. Time to show your brand persona, promise, and value to the world. Your business identity will separate your brand from the competition.
Branding Strategy

Logos,Website color schemes,fonts, these are all a part of your branding style. TMBT creates unique branding style guides to match your brands persona.

Web Development

Website,E-commerce solutions,full-service online experience, are all an important part of using modern technology to resolve all your business brand challenges.

Digital Marketing

Social media content, email marketing, SEO, Ad creation, is a lot of work. TMBT has a team of experts in all marketing categories, let us focus on your brand marketing.


Creating video with your cellphone is cool, but professional photography and video of your products, will make a difference in how your customers view your brand.

Pride in Partnerships

TMBT Branding Style Guide
Start-up businesses need a brand identity.

If you are serious about your business brand, you need an original logo, brand color scheme for all your product packaging, Website, and marketing materials. Get the full-service branding package with TMBT. We will focus on your brand so your can focus on your day-t0-day business tasks. 

TMBT Web Design & Web Development Team
Your customers shop online everyday.

Give your customers the complete business brand experience. Online store with complete interactive shopping carts, Q&A’s that answer all your customers questions about your business. Newsletter downloads, Blogs, about your new products, and  they can comment, and do post content. 

Digital Marketing full-services
Advertising and Marketing are very challenging tasks for business owners.

Creating Ads, content for blog content, infomercials, product photography, email marketing, SEO, are all essential to your brand advertising and marketing plan. Offering new products  and nurturing existing customers is how you generate revenue.    

The Cupcake-A-Nator Company

The Cupcake-A-Nator Company, is a local cupcake and cookie bakery looking to take their brand nationally. Creating revenue with an online store, selling products nationally. Read their branding and marketing strategy… 

Hampton Girls Katore

After speaking with owner of HGK, she has working from home, making her amazing plus size women fashion. She felt, it is time to take her brand nationally. Read about branding strategy …

Ricky's Laundromat

Ricky, has never had a website for his laundromat. He would like a website so his customers can schedule to have their laundry washed, list his pricing on the website, and much more. Read about his website story…


GDOGZ is a dog breeder of  Boston terrier dogs. His kennel is in a small town. The owner contacted us at TMBT, because he would like to take his business online and show videos  of how his breeding process works. Read his content creation story…

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" We tried to create our own logo and product packaging but it wasn't very good. I contacted TMBT and they created an amazing branding strategy guide tha took our brand to the next level. Thank you TMBT."
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"We needed lots of help with our social media content. So, we contacted TMBT, for help with our IG content. TMBT was very helpful with professional videos and professional photography for our IG photos. Thank you very much TMBT."
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"TMBT was very helpful with our Facebook ad content, and how to follow up with our social media sales leads. TMBT's marketing team was great."
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